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Wallace Pato, photo: Julia Thompson
Wallace Pato, photo: Julia Thompson

Kura, from the German word
Kuratorium, means curatorship.

Alfredo Volpi & Sergio Camargo, photo: Julia Thompson
Alfredo Volpi & Sergio Camargo, photo: Julia Thompson

Founded in 2018 by Camila Yunes Guarita, Kura Arte is an art advisory service. Our goal is to demystify the art world, promoting dialogue between different market agents – collectors, artists, galleries and institutions. In the midst of a vast and diverse artistic production, Kura meets the demands of an effervescent cultural scene, providing guidance to collectors, cataloging private collections, helping young emerging artists to navigate the market and carrying out special curatorial projects.

Beyond what
meets the eyes

Camila Yunes Guarita
Camila Yunes Guarita

Graduated in Architecture at Mackenzie University (São Paulo, Brasil) and École Nationale d’Architecture Paris Val de Seine, Camila Yunes Guarita also attended Contemporary Art and Its Market, How the Art World Works and Foundations in History of Art at Sotheby’s London. She worked with sales & liaisons at Galleria Continua, Galeria Nara Roesler and on the production team at Aveline Gallery. She co-founded GoART Art Advising from 2015 to 2018 and since 2018 she has been VIP Representative for ARCO Madrid and Lisboa and founder and executive director at Kura.

Camila Yunes Guarita

Alicja Kwade. Photo: Julia Thompson
Alicja Kwade. Photo: Julia Thompson

Kura provides bespoke guidance tailored to the interests and wishes of its clients, accompanying them at every stage of the acquisition process. We inform collectors of market trends in the art world and develop a strategy that will maximize value, quality, and significance of their art.

  • Developing a strategic plan;
  • Market research on a local and international scale;
  • Sales and acquisitions;
  • Pre and post-sales logistics;
  • Secondary market sales strategies;
  • Access to key players in the arts system including curators in leading institutions, collectors and museum directors;
  • Advising on loans to museums and institutions.
Photo: Estevan dos Anjos
Photo: Estevan dos Anjos

Expanding its art advisory services, Kura created an area dedicated to the cataloguing of private collections, organizing them both physically and digitally.

  • Cataloguing and collection database;
  • Coordination and oversight of shipping, framing, installation, storage and conservation;
  • Dialogue with external agents – institutions, cultural centers, other private collections and auction houses;
  • Appraisal services for insurance, taxation, loans;
  • Digital or printed publication.
Rizza, A Criação, 2020
Rizza, A Criação, 2020

Understanding that the process of creation and circulation of artworks demand different strategies, KURA aims to provide an environment of support and advice for young emerging artists.

  • Assistance with creative process, projects and exhibitions development;
  • Conceptual discussions about the work;
  • Research and presentation of references;
  • Portfolio development;
  • Production of critical texts on the works, projects and exhibitions;
  • Registration in residences, salons and prizes;
  • Pricing of works according to the national market;
  • Strategic planning and content production for social media.
Sandra Cinto, foto: Julia Thompson

Kura develops customized projects with different brands, bringing contemporary art into other segments by curating and promoting stimulating experiences.

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KURA developed a program focused on art especially for the Pinacoteca de São Paulo in partnership with Jochen Volz and Paulo Vicelli, general director and the director of institutional relations respectively. The program included a visit to the Berlin Biennale, art galleries and studios of renowned artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Jeppe Hein, Alicja Kwade, Elmgreen & DragSet, Tomas Saraceno and Chiharu Shiota.

Pina in Berlin


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Founder and Executive Director
Camila Yunes Guarita

Tamara Ganem

Art Advising / São Paulo
Florencia Azcune
Mariana Autuori
Nathalia Zemel

Art Advising / Rio de Janeiro
Maria Ferro

Collection Management
Thaís Franco
Mariana Leão

Artists Career Management
Paloma Vasconcellos
Ana Sant'Anna
Joana Leonor
Maria Gabriela Mexias
Thais Teotonio

Margherita De Natale
Ana Clara Caligiorne

Press Relations
Azzi & Co.
Rafael Azzi

Av. Europa, 21 / São Paulo, Brasil

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