We develop our curatorial approach according to the interests, resources and long-term goals of each collector.
Nedko Solakov
We represent our clients with transparency, discretion and commitment.


  • /Strategies for conceptualizing custom collections;
  • /Selection and acquisition of artworks;
  • /Market research on a domestic and international level;
  • /Pre and post-sales logistics: transport, customs clearance, handling, installing and other services;
  • /Secondary market sales strategies;
  • /Database and collection cataloguing;
  • /Partnerships and exclusive access to institutions and influential people in the art world, such as curators, gallerists and museum directors;
  • /Museum loans


  • /Access with guided visits to preview shows at the main art fairs, biennials and exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, with a focus on learning opportunities
  • /Design and development of unique experiences in the art scene and related areas (fashion, music, design, visual arts, etc.)
  • /Exclusive visitation to exhibits, artist studios, private collections and galleries


  • /Assistance with projects and creation processes;
  • /Liaison service for curators, institutions and other agents;
  • /Applications to artist-in-residence programs, salons, and prizes (according to the artist’s experience)
  • /Portfolio development;
  • /Research and presentation of references for artistic production