Kura, from the German word Kuratorium, means curatorship.

Founded by Camila Yunes Guarita, our company provides personalized guidance according to the profile and interests of each collector, to build unique and meaningful collections.


Kura’s founder, Camila, studied architecture at Mackenzie University (São Paulo, Brazil) and Paris Val de Seine’s Graduate School Ecole National d’Architecture. Furthermore, she attended Sotheby’s courses in Contemporary Art and Its Market, How the Art World Works and Foundations in History of Art. Camila worked with sales & liaisons at Continua Gallery and on the production team at Aveline Gallery. She is currently a VIP Representative for The Armory Show and ARCO, and cofounded GoART Art Advising from 2015 to 2018.

Alfredo Jaar, “Geometry of Conscience”


  • / Demystify the art world;
  • / Open doors to new experiences;
  • / Guide collectors, not consumers;
  • / Connect different players in the market;
  • / Incite perception beyond what meets the eyes;
  • / Create unique, life-changing experiences;
  • / Explore the personal, intellectual and innovative interests of each client;
  • / Foster wonder and transformation through art;
  • / Spread knowledge


Gabriela Martini Borges

Gabriela graduated in Business in Florianópolis and during the last 10 years has been completing her studies in Art History and Contemporary Art. In 2019 she was VIP Ambassador of The Armory Show and today is Latin America VIP Ambassador of ZONAMACO fair. She has worked in galleries such as Sies + Hoeke, Zipper Gallery and Carbono. With extensive experience in sales, selection and acquisition of works of art, new market strategies, curatorial initiatives and cultural travels, she has been collaborating with KURA since its foundation.

Isabella Christiansen

Isabella Christiansen has a degree in Visual Arts from the University Of Fine Arts in São Paulo, Brazil. She studied Art as a global business at Sotheby’s. Worked at Blombô, IAC and Dan Galeria, where she gained great experience in communication, sales and the organization of art collections. Gained knowledge about contemporary art, modern art and the market during the six art fairs she participated. Currently works in the area of cataloging private collections and sales at KURA.

Biba Habka

Biba graduated in Graphic Design in ESPM - SP. From Brasília, living in São Paulo for 6 years, has worked in several places in the area of communication. Works at marketing area such with online and offline medias materials. Seeks to be inside courses in History of Art and Contemporary Art in places such as Masp, Puc and is currently studying as a special student in the Postgraduate Program (Pós-Graduação Interunidades Estética e História da Arte) - USP about subjects that permeate the research in Contemporary Art.

Tamara Ganem

Tamara has a degree in journalism by PUC-Rio and is a post-graduate in visual arts by FAAP-SP. She was selected for the Contemporary Artistic Practices by Parque Lage’s School of Visual Arts (EAV). She has 10 years of experience working as a producer. At Kura, she runs special projects and is responsible for the artist mentoring program. She is an artist herself, creating sound, video and installation works that have been displayed in several exhibitions.